Blog #1

Title: Google Drive: A Better Method for Giving Students Feedback

1. Summary:

In this article it explains what exactly is Google Drive and how Google transferred from Google Docs to Google Drive. After it is done explaining what is Google Drive, it covers four main points: Using it with student writers, track history of revisions, tools that are in Google Docs, and how to apply to classroom. Each section is explained in brief detail and how it relates to a school environment. All the features of Google Drive that relates to education are explained for example the sharing feature through Google Drive, it allows the student to share their document with teacher and then the revision and comments can be lead right from the computer. This a great feature which the writer of the article express.

2. Q’s and A’s

Q1. How will using Google Drive help or hinder student learning?

A1. I think Google Drive will help a student more than hinder a student learning the material. The student could be quickly helped on a paper by the share/feedback feature its has, which allows the student to share their document with the teacher and then the teacher can live comments and/or revised their work. This all could be done “live”, if a student is working at home a teacher can be at home as well and on Google drive and help the student write their paper if they have question. I think this a wonderful feature and would help students. On the way around, this might hinder a student if the student needs that one on one personal interaction on editing their paper. Or if the teacher does not check Google drive for a while then it could create a problem if the student has a question. I do think the pros out weighed the cons in this situation. Google drive could be helpful tool for students in any subject.

Q2. What are possible ways to use the ideas in your own teaching?

A2. I could possibly use Google Drive in my own teaching in the future would be to use this if I would assigned a document assignment or something similar. If my students could create documents and other things on Google Drive  I could easily revise their work or answer any question that is specific and chat with them live. Or have an homework assignment using forums to get feed back or an assignment that has to do with recording answer that need to be shared. Also it would help in group projects, if the group still needs to communicate with each other. Theses are some ideas I could use Google Drive in my own teaching for the future.


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